Cable management and cabling

We use Cat 5, 5E, 6 and 7 Networking for a strong network for all the equipment you need. We use cable management systems so all cables are marked, no mess and easy to find the right port to patch. We do repairs on existing cables from damaged sockets to a split in a cable. All cables are tested and performance checked as well.


Wireless Systems

We set up a number of wireless systems from public Wi-Fi, bridging, multi-casting Wi-Fi and many more. We use a number of wireless systems from Dell, HP, Netgear, Dlink and Meru.


Broadband Setup

Having problems setting up home or business broadband, Please get in touch we worked with a large range of broadband providers, we can advice and setup to your requirements.


Firewalls and Network Management

Most common problem is people hacking into networks or monitor multi Vlans can get confusing. We are happy to advice and support a range of networks and firewalls. We mainly deal with SonicWall firewalls and HP Procurve Switches.