Nothing New – Nick Lawrence

IT4DORSET looked after me and my business very well over the years. I knew Karl for a long time and when I set up the shop back in 2012. Karl set me up with website, business cards, letter heads, filesystem, cctv and home working. My business has been vital to have access to 24/7. Without his hard work he put in my shop wouldn’t have been to the level it’s at today.

Mallwood Roofing Limited – Matt & Steve Woodford

Karl been a long friend and help us start up back in 2008. Supplying and building our computers, websites and now on cloud computing. Since we moved to cloud computing been amazing for us, our office can be now moved anywhere now. I can work in the field if need and when it snowed our business never stopped. Strongly recommend his services.

Marco Glass & Glazing Limited – Russell Watkins

Karl has looked after 3 generations of our company, from day one he come into our office trust was formed. We had Status Computers support us and Karl was an employee for Status and he advised us how to move forward. When we heard he got made redundant we felt we lost a family member, when he started IT4DORSET we had to get our hands on him again. Amazing technical mind and he looks at all options to make our work easier and get task completed on time. We glad for his hard work and he try and make the impossible –possible.

Marco Home Improvements – Liz & Mark Courtney

Karl has done it all for us, can’t ask for anymore. He saved us a lot of money on printing and set up us on a paperless system in the cloud. The service he provides is amazing, looks after our backups, build us amazing work horse, currently building our website and recovered data from our old computers. Just great to have someone who is so skillful mined. It was amazing when we saw our daughter in Aus, that we can still work on our Ipad.

ITAL-UK – Roy Floyd

IT4DORSET come in to look at our network issues why our phones kept dropping out and door system wouldn’t let our staff in some times. Karl run a large number of tests, updated the firmware our switches and installed a new switch with network monitor software. Now we can monitor what’s going on our network.

UAB Poole – Kyle Webster

Our family friends recommend IT4Dorset to come in and sort out our issues we was having. Karl come in and sorted out our network cable mess upgraded our PC’s to windows 10. Quick response and professional work. We use him with our office 365 email, backup and if I’m away he’s our IT Technical support.

Cllr Mel Kendal

Karl looked after me since I was Leader at NFDC, he was a strong minded technician for Status Computers who looked after IT services at NFDC. Very vital for that team; from user support and looking after important systems. Always saw him running around all over the New Forest. Karl has got me out of trouble many a time and he looks after my business and makes sure I am always connected to HCC and NFDC. I had him install a wifi system at home and the work he put in was perfect, cleaned up after him and trained me and the wife on how to connect device. I have every confidence he will do well.

Robert Powell (Home user/NFDC Staff Member)

Karl was employed by a long-standing IT contractor to New Forest District Council. I worked for the council for over 40 years until my retirement from the IT department in 2016.

Karl did a significant amount of important IT work for the council over several years, without which the council would not have been able to effectively function. This included:

Installation of servers and associated Microsoft software in its various versions

Maintenance of above

Installation of desktop personal computers including default software across the whole council at its sites

Maintenance of above

Installation of application software across the range of council services

Karl has an excellent knowledge of the matters he was involved in and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. 5* Rating.

Chris Redman (Home User/NFDC Staff Member)

I have know Karl for many years and put my upmost confidence in his skills.Worked closely with him in the New Forest District Council.A real professional, and nothing seems to defeat him.Very IT knowledgable and personable character. Amazing service and 5* Rating every time.