Business Support Plans

Business Support Plans

IT4DORSET have been providing service and support to local businesses since 2016. We have a team of highly skilled experienced IT professionals operating throughout Dorset and Hampshire. The support issues that we encounter have changed greatly over the years. Support has moved from being focused on hardware failures to encompass the operating systems, application software, security issues and end user training required by current systems.

As part of our commitment to provide complete business solutions we currently offer three types of support options to our customers. Each has its own advantages but all are designed to provide peace of mind and confidence to our clients.

Pay as you go

This service is ideal for non-critical systems and firms who have occasional IT problems. We will provide one of are friendly technical advisers on a needs based support plan. You can use this service for systems support, hardware and software issues or upgrades.

First hour call out on-site including travel costs £85

Subsequent on-site hourly rates £65

Services Points System

This service is brilliant for businesses of all sizes, education sectors and local governments. The points system can be purchased in advance at discounted rates and provides telephone, email, remote access, on-site support and assistance at our local office. The way the points system works, is that each point equals to one minute of our technical advisers time. You can contact them for any IT related task using this system. It includes:

  • Providing support and solutions via telephone, remote access, on-site and at our local offices
  • Attend on-site or remote to rectify hardware / software faults
  • Installing and relocating hardware
  • Install hardware, software or patches
  • Networking and server management
  • Provide maintenance and health checks on all devices
  • Removing and preventing all levels of virus, infections and malware
  • Disaster recovery
  • All levels of system backups
  • Mobile technology
  • Remote access
  • Cloud Service

Purchasing support priority points in advance will guarantee a prompt response to resolve any issues or questions and aims to cut your support costs.

Support Points Cost Discount
100 £ 100.00 0%
200 £ 195.00 2.5%
300 £ 285.00 5%
400 £ 370.00 7.5%
500 £ 450.00 10%
1000 £ 800.00 20%


Tailored Support

This service is brilliant for businesses, the education sector and local governments, who would like to outsource all levels of their IT support or work with currant IT departments. This service includes unlimited, full on-site, remote and telephone support for an annual or monthly fixed fee.

We will work very closely with the owners/management and IT departments, to provide the best IT solutions. We offer a one-off free on-site meeting and survey of all hardware, equipment etc to enable us to devise the best service solution for your business.

Under this service we will contact by telephone, remotely or attend your site, to diagnose your software/hardware faults and replace any parts. The equipment we cover with no limits are::

  • Desktops, Laptops and any portable devices
  • Servers, Data centres, NAS and SANs
  • Monitors, Touchscreens, Projectors and interactive white boards
  • Range of Printers (inkjets, lasers, plotters and multifunction devices)
  • Range of Scanners
  • Networking (Network Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless and etc.)
  • Setup, Installation and Migration (Hardware and Software)
  • Setup and deployment of desktop images
  • Cloud Systems Setup and management
  • Backup Solutions

This option guarantees same day or next working day response to faults. This service will have to be quoted after a site visit to take into account: the size of the establishment, the amount of equipment and the number of users.