Services Points System

Services Points System

This service is brilliant for businesses of all sizes, education sectors and local governments. The points system can be purchased in advance at discounted rates and provides telephone, email, remote access, on-site support and assistance at our local office. The way the points system works, is that each point equals to one minute of our technical advisers time. You can contact them for any IT related task using this system. It includes:

  • Providing support and solutions via telephone, remote access, on-site and at our local offices
  • Attend on-site or remote to rectify hardware / software faults
  • Installing and relocating hardware
  • Install hardware, software or patches
  • Networking and server management
  • Provide maintenance and health checks on all devices
  • Removing and preventing all levels of virus, infections and malware
  • Disaster recovery
  • All levels of system backups
  • Mobile technology
  • Remote access
  • Cloud Service

Purchasing support priority points in advance will guarantee a prompt response to resolve any issues or questions and aims to cut your support costs.

Support Points Cost Discount
100 £ 100.00 0%
200 £ 195.00 2.5%
300 £ 285.00 5%
400 £ 370.00 7.5%
500 £ 450.00 10%
1000 £ 800.00 20%

We are available Monday to Thursday 09:00 – 18:00 and Friday 09:00 – 17:30 on 01202 925725 or