Managed Services

Managed Services we offer

Managed Antivirus Managed Backups Managed IT
Cloud/Web Management Network Management


Managed Anti-Virus

IT4Dorset is a ESET Partner, we work long side ESET providing the best Antivirus support from basic antivirus to multi management central service.

We do work with other Antivirus and Endpoint services all well.

Managed Backup

Having a backup solution is one of the most costly requirement for most companies and its a headache to work out what you need. We offer a range of services from pc, server and enterprise systems.

We offer a 3 level backup system that works wonder for:-

  • Speed: Incredibly fast backup and restore
  • Secure: Military-grade level security.
  • Storage: Cover from 1kb – 1pb
  • Training: Very easy to use, training offered
  • Management: Staff can managed or us
Backups are absolutely critical to any business, with our Managed Backup solution, you can be sure that your business data is always protected. Our Managed Backup service protects your data by in house system with a cluster with a cloud system.
Easy restore by your staff or give us a call.


Cloud/Web Management

Domain Names

We can host your Domain names and DNS tables, we can forward sub domain names to web developers to remote access.

Web Hosting

We offer a range of website hosting, with linux systems and windows.

Email Hosting

We offer two options on email hosting, we host a basic level of email where you can access via pop3 or Imap. the other options that is better is office 365.

Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

We offer arrange of Microsoft cloud systems like office 365 and azure services.

IT Management

Are plans for IT Support. More plans will be offered

Support Unlimited

This service is brilliant for businesses, the education sector and local governments, who would like to outsource all levels of their IT support or work with currant IT departments. This service includes unlimited, full on-site, remote and telephone support for an annual or monthly fixed fee.

We will work very closely with the owners/management and IT departments, to provide the best IT solutions. We offer a one-off free on-site meeting and survey of all hardware, equipment etc to enable us to devise the best service solution for your business.

Under this service we will contact by telephone, remotely or attend your site, to diagnose your software/hardware faults and replace any parts. The equipment we cover with no limits are::

  • Desktops, Laptops and any portable devices
  • Servers, Data Centre’s, NAS and SANs
  • Monitors, Touchscreens, Projectors and interactive white boards
  • Range of Printers (inkjets, lasers, plotters and multifunction devices)
  • Range of Scanners
  • Networking (Network Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless and etc.)
  • Setup, Installation and Migration (Hardware and Software)
  • Setup and deployment of desktop images
  • Cloud Systems Setup and management
  • Backup SolutionsThis service will have to be quoted after a site visit to take into account: the size of the establishment, the amount of equipment and the number of users.
  • This option guarantees same day or next working day response to faults. Faulty components are replaceable at no extra cost – subject to the agreement.


Network Management

Having problems with networks, speed problems, understand network terms or just like to flood your building with Wi-Fi. We offer a management system to help your IT understand your networks.

Some the Networking things we deal with.

Cable management and cabling

We use Cat 5, 5E, 6 and 7 Networking for a strong network for all the equipment you need. We use cable management systems so all cables are marked, no mess and easy to find the right port to patch. We do repairs on existing cables from damaged sockets to a split in a cable. All cables are tested and performance checked as well.

Wireless Systems

We set up a number of wireless systems from public Wi-Fi, bridging, multi-casting Wi-Fi and many more. We use a number of wireless systems from Dell, HP, Netgear, Dlink and Meru.

Broadband Setup

Having problems setting up home or business broadband, Please get in touch we worked with a large range of broadband providers, we can advice and setup to your requirements.

Firewalls and Network Management

Most common problem is people hacking into networks or monitor multi Vlans can get confusing. We are happy to advice and support a range of networks and firewalls. We mainly deal with SonicWall firewalls and HP Procurve Switches.